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i'm thinking about making that buzzer my ring tone. first look is up next. welcome to "first look." coming up this frid morning, in kra kra, dozens of good morning.
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many parts of the nation's midsection in the deep south are waking up under water. some communities got more rain in one day than they usually get all summer. parts of missouri have seen 15 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. so much rain in so little time caused the governor to activate the national guard. more than 25 people had to be rescued and 100 evacuated. tennessee is also seeing the water rising, 200 people had to be rescued by boat. nbc meteorologist bill karins will be here to keep us posted on that story. a wildfire in southern california grew larger and now it's on the move. the silver fire has grown to 22 square miles and is burning an estimated 1,000 acres an hour.
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the latest update puts the blaze at just 20% contained. local officials have ordered nearly 2,000 people out of the area, 26 homes have already been destroyed, at least one man has suffered serious burns and five firefighters have also been injured with heat exhaustion. they'll be off the job for at least 24 hours. the multistate man hunt for james lee dimaggio has taken another dramatic turn. the man suspected of kidnapping 15-year-old hanna anderson and her 8-year-old brother ethan may be armed with explosives. police found the second body in the charred house that is yet to be identified but they believe it may be ethan's. in a statement thursday, officials -- dimaggio may have shaved his goatee.
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the state department thursday warned americans not to travel to pakistani and evacuated all but emergency staff. this threat is not related to the one that shut down 19 u.s. embassies in the u.s. and africa on saturday. u.s. drone strikes are only intensifying the high alert in yemen, three strikes on tuesday killed 12 militants. u.s. officials suggest the latest wave is the result of intelligence gathered -- that communication suggested a terror threat. military officials in yemen report 34 suspected al qaeda militants have been killed in eight drone attacks in less than two weeks. one of the three power ball winners says he's been waiting
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for this day for his entire life. i bet he has. paul white is an engineer is one of three winners of the powerball lottery. white says his family always called the lottery his financial plan. >> i have spent my whole life trying to figure out what i wanted to do when i grow up. i'm not going to be one of those people that says i'm going to keep working. because i'm not working for anybody else anymore. it's not going to happen. ron this morning was my boss. he started the day my boss, he's going to tend day my chauffeur. nbc new york has reported that 16 county employees are the holder of the winning ticket. once lottery officials confirm
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it they'll have a slice of power ball's third largest prize ever. president obama is having his first solo press ken -- nbc's tracie potts joins us live in washington with a preview. tracey, good friday morning. >> coming up, the president's headed off to martha's vineyard for nine days so he wants to get some things on the record first. and it's not unusual to see these end of summer news conferences. let's talk about some of the issues that may come up. russia for certain, this is the first time that we will have heard from the president publicly since the white house announced that meeting, that one-on-one summit with russian president vladimir putin has been cancelled. what does the president think about that and how does he move the white house forward?
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also how big of a deal was giving asylum to edward snowden and how is the u.s. going to continue to try to get him back, that is very likely to come up. not to mention these terror threats, the new one you mentioned that shut down the consulate there and the earlier one that shut down 19 embassyings and consul lalts. and a quick programming note, msnbc will have life coverage of the presidential news conference at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. now it's time for your live look. when it comes to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, senator mitch mcconnell is keeping them very close. so close, one is running his re-election campaign.
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former president clinton and oprah are among 16 new recipients of the medal of freedom. others given the nation's highest honor are former "washington post" ben bradley and country star loretta lyn. and bill and hillary have found another place to summer in the east hamptons. local real estate brokers say estates in the area typically represent for $100,000 a week. trent lott is hospitalized this morning after a ruptured appendix. the senator has undergone surgery and is expected to recover. we know exactly what kind of romance that senator mccain has in mind. well, the president traded that
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bromance for some real romance last night. he ant the first lady dined out for a belated birthday dinner. and governor chris christie has signed ten bills into law. one of the new measures is bang the sale of guns to people on the terrorism watch list. and for more on the weather forecast, nbc's bill karins is here. >> we showed you the pictures earlier from missouri and we have been talking about this for three, four mornings in a row. another batch of thunderstorms is moving out of oklahoma and now it's about to cross the
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border intro oklahoma and the o o oez darks. runner up to the worst morning commute is upstate new york, northern jersey up into new england. heavy rain once again this morning, it's going to be a slow drive on the new york state freeway, up through connecticut, through massachusetts, the mass pike, all of those areas will be having as much as one to two inches today. when you get thunderstorms in this region of the country, you're going to have delays. a facebook murder confession complete are pictures. plus a sobriety test unlike any we have ever seen, is he
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welcome back. now to some other stories making news this morning. the trial of ft. hood shooter nadal hassan continued yesterday as he was allowed to continue representing himself. there were so many bodies that she could. tell who was dead and who was alive. two college friends of boston marathon bombing suspect tsarnaez. two men are being accused of trying to dispose of evidence from tsarnaev's dorm room. a man is under arrest after posting a picture of his wife's dead body on facebook along with
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a confession. quote, i'm going to prison for killing my wife. and here's a reminder not to drink and drive as we head into the weekend. police pulled over a suspected drunk driver in ohio who instead of walking a straight line decided to start dancing. and the guy's blood alcohol content was three times over the legal limit. turning now to health news. they must have put something in europe's water. look at this baby. she's the biggest baby ever born and without an epidural. that baby beats germany's biggest baby born last month. her mother says she did expect her baby to be big, but not that big. the futures are lower, but stocks managed to snap a three-i
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do losing streak on thursday. the dow still is on pace -- get set for lots of back to school deals, shoppers are holding back and that is prompting stores to have bigger sales. mortgage rates are holding state with the average rate on a fixed 30-year loan at 4.4%. that's a full point higher than in early may, but still low by historical standards. >> leave it to sir richard branson to shake up flying. and bombshell kate upton bears her emotions and even surprises a few people as she graces the cover of this month's "elle" magazine.
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she said she felt terrible for a solid month after appearing on the cover of "sports illustrated." straight ahead, three big preseason nfl games to tell you about. a rare encounter caught on tape. there it is, for surfers encountering whales and when combines collide. we'll be the last one standing, your "first look" on msnbc. woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now. hero: (laughs) and i just go? this is for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china, just never thought it'd be today. anncr: we're giving away a trip every day. download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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we begin with nfl preseason. the reigning champions baltimore ravens beat -- hands off the ball to bernard piers who dashes for a touchdown. but he actually coming up limps after that. that's not a good sign. and later, a blocked punt in the end zone is recovered. next on to the broncos, versus the 49ers, playing it safe, each only played one series in the game when former texas longhorn quarterback came in for the niners and i am so sad to say he threw this beautiful long pass to mike adams. broncos win 10-6. and finishing out the nfl games, the bangles made it look easy. can someone hand the tigers a
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broom, please? detroit is on a 12-game hot streak, they swept the cleveland indians in four games. next up the tigers, a-rod and the yankees in new york. on to golf, check out this long birdie put on the 16. will it go in? yes it will. miami star lebron james tweeted a cell feed before going to court in ohio to serve jury duty. he wrote, time to do my civic dutiy. >> celebrity surf era moan davara captured the video of a southern white whale and her calf swimming side by side. you don't see that every day. you don't see this every day, they got down and dirty at the
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fifth annual combine -- drivers take out their old harvesters trying to be the last one standing. that looks kind of dangerous, those are pretty big items there. >> who knew such a thing existed. >> you got to have some kind of fun out there, right? it's time now for our first look at politics and for that we're joined by political reporter kevin surelli in washington. listen, there's been a lot of talk lately about u.s.-russian relations and the fact that the white house couldn't convince russia to -- >> i think it speaks to the russians feeling they can get away with something like this. but there ee's two points i wano make. russian officials will be meeting with secretary of state john kerry and now they're
2:22 am
putting emphasis on another thing happens in 2014, the russian olympics. >> senator john mccain said that he and the president have a relationship like i love lucy. how has the relationship evolved since the 2008 campaign? >> when you look at sequestration and to some extent the budget battle that we have right around the corner. john mccain has been a republican that democrats have been able to work with in some regards. >> anthony weiner was behaving a little bit strangely during a campaign event yesterday. are these signs of a fraying campaign? >> it's like how much worse could it get? you know, i think that for anthony weiner, the question becomes can he at least have some sort of strong showing in the election, but i mean, it's not really looking good for
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anthony weiner. >> that's an understatement. bill karins and betty nguyen will be back for first buzz. and this weekend at the box office, matt damon's post apocalypse action flick elysium will hit the box office. and more kids fare is coming with percy jackson. america is the only country i have ever known. senior year of high school, i was promoted to city court staff commander, i held the rank of cadet brigadier general. i was head of chicago rotc. i want to be a us citizen and i want to be a marine, i'm gonna be a marine, because i care. i care about this country. i care about those around me, i care about my family, my neighbors.
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park scientists in alberta
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canada are bringing new meaning to the phrase bearing it all. scientists are excited to see bears communicating through what appears to be exotic dance. they call this a communication tree, but isn't it like a scratching post? >> i call it the seven-year inch. >> it's time for first buzz, all the stories we're talking about this morning. you have a heart warming story? >> yeah, it's feel good friday. john stamos a heart throb for millions of women. >> uncle jesse. >> uncle jesse. he posted this picture with a quadruple am tee who's been in the hospital since february. she asked if he would be her date to go to disneyland which she can see out of her hospital
2:28 am
room. he said he would go on her date to disneyland. >> if you want to have dinner with george clooney, this may be the way to do it. they have a swap app, if you didn't eat all your denver ainn you -- they can trade some food for what your leftovers. we're hoping you don't see bite marks in it. >> have you ever been in a restaurant and someone eats a quarter of their plate and it's a great steak and you don't want to throw it away. >> let's take a quick look,
2:29 am
kerry sanders running with the bulls. this is an amazing live shot. we're going to go out on this, way too early. >> this is a plan for people who want to run with the bulls. the only difference is they won't have a cowboy here to close the gate. my siblings have given me brief for years about how i talk about i'm going to win the lottery someday and actually we just got together for my dad's 80th birthday. and we were playing this game. i don't remember the gist of it exactly. but you had to pick who in the crowd would match this description. and the description was their financial plan consists of winning the lottery. and everybody picked my name. and they thought it was funny then? who's right now, that's what i have to say. >> turns out that's one heck of a financial plan. we meet one power ball winner to
2:30 am
have new details on the other winners. of course we hold our nose when something stinks. that's not good if a campaign manager uses the metaphor to describe the experience of running his own campaign. and any sequel needs a good title. we have another one for sharknado. this is "way too early." good morning, everything, brian shackman here, friday august 9, also this morning, a hockey general manager trades his own son. and since we love political implosions, we have one out of australia a little bit later on the co

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